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KEISEI HOTEL MIRAMARE has an airport limousine bus to and from Narita Intl. and Haneda Airports nearby and is reasonably priced with a reputation for great hospitality!
There are 176 comfortable guest rooms, restaurants and great amenities in our MIRAMARE Building. You can enjoy a great view from all rooms!
The name "MIRAMARE" is derived from the Italian word "mira mare", which means "to see the ocean". From the upper floor, including the top of the banquet room, you can see Port Chiba of the Tokyo Bay. If you're lucky, you can also see Mt.Fuji in the morning and in the evening.
We would like you to visit our wonderful hotel. We are looking forward to seeing you!

KEISEI HOTEL MIRAMARE, a "Good Neighbor Hotel " of Tokyo Disney Resort,is a community hotel in Chiba area.
It is in building MIRAMARE, with Multiplex, shopping stores and others and those are connected directly with Chiba-Chuou station of Keisei Chiba Line.



Number of Guestrooms

【Main Building】15 types, 176 rooms
【Annex】3 types, 66 rooms
【Total】 18 Types, 242 rooms

Standard type

Standard type

Standard Type

Reasonable priced, you can use various occasions.
Spend a comfortable time in this room.

Standard Room
A simple and stylish room with a large sofa and bathtub gives you a breathing time.
[ Size ] 18 m² [ Bed size ] 120cm [ Occupancy ] 1 person to 2 people

Casual Twin
Two single beds in one room. Economical and popular room type for friends and families.
[ Size ] 18 m² [Main bed size ] 110cm [ Occupancy ] 1 person to 2 people

A bit large bed than the one in Standard Room (150cm wide).
[ Size ] 21 m² [ Bed size ] 150cm [ Occupancy ] 1 person to 2 people

Superior type

Superior type

Superior Type

Dark brown furniture to give the room a chic accent.
The room with writing desk is perfect for business travelers.

Superior King
More larger bed than double room. You don’t need to worry about falling out of bed even you are tossing and turning.
[ Size ] 27 m² [ Bed size ] 180cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people

Superior Twin
You can stay relax and comfortable in single use. Of course you can also stay in two. In most, three of you can be used with an extra bed.
Widely available for business, couple, or family.
[ Size ] 27 m² [ Bed size ] 110cm [ Occupancy ] 1 person to 3 people

Executive Type / Deluxe Type

Executive Type / Deluxe Type

Executive Type / Deluxe Type

Spacious 36㎡ room can be flexibly used for business or leisure.
Enjoy the view from the rooms located on the upper floors.

Executive Twin
The room for 2 to 4 guests (2 main beds and 2 extra beds).
A recommendable room type for women’s group.
[ Size ] 36 m² [ Bed size ] 120cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people to 4 people

Deluxe Twin
If you are not satisfied with a typical twin room, this one makes you to.
Bath and toilet are separated and can be very relax in big size of beds (140cm wide).
[ Size ] 36 m² [ Bed size ] 140cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people

Universal Twin
It is a room with enough space that you can move with wheelchair. Not only the room but also the bathroom have enough space and can bathe without getting off wheelchair.
Of course it is available for the customer who is not handicapped.
[ Size ] 36 m² [ Bed size ] 120cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people

Luxury Type

Luxury Type

Luxury Type

This room features large beds and spacious bath room.
The 140 cm wide beds ensure a good sleep that heals travelers.
Spend an elegant time in the high-grade room.

Luxury Twin
The largest twin type room with 42 square meters. Of course, bath and toilet are separated. Also three of you can share in one room by using extra bed.
[ Size ] 42 m² [ Bed size ] 140cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people to 3 people

Luxury Universal Twin
It has more space than Universal Twin that two wheelchairs can be in at a time.
We also have several lending equipment that helps handicapped customers.
You can request even if you are not taking Universal Twin type rooms.
[ Size ] 42 m² [ Bed size ] 120cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people

Luxury View Bath Twin
This room equipped with a large bathroom. Sophisticated interior and view bathroom make your stay comfortable.
[ Size ] 49 m² [ Bed size ] 140cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people

Suite Type / Japanese Type

Suite Type / Japanese Type

Suite Type/ Japanese Type

We offer four types of rooms which designed for comfort and relaxation.
The spacious and luxurious room is best for spending extraordinary time.

Family Suite
Two main beds in two each room gives two to four of you fully comfortable and enjoyable time. We can recommend with confidence for groups and families.
[ Size ] 72 m² [ Bed size ] 120cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people to 4 people

Festa Suite
This room equipped with living space, large refrigerator and separate bathroom and toilet. Spacious and stylish designed room is perfect for family and group travel.
[ Size ] 59 m² [ Bed size ] 140cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people to 4 people

Japanese-style Room
As the name “special”, you can spend more luxurious time with the room MAKI.
There is a large bath which can afford five people bathing at the same time.
You can feel relax and romantic in bathtub with a nice view.
[ Size ] 66 m² [ Bed size ] 100cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people to 5 people

Excellent suite
Suite room located on top floor.
The word “Miramare” is coined as “overlooking the sea” in Italian.
As the word, you can look out over the sea of Chiba Harbor. You can even see Mount Fuji if the weather is fine.
We guarantee that you can spend an “Excellent” time.
[ Size ] 72 m² [ Bed size ] 120cm [ Occupancy ] 2 people

Queen Type

Queen Type

Annex Queen
This room can fill your needs whether for business or for leisure.
Sophisticated design interior and a large bed assure you a good sleep.
[ Size ] 20 m² [ Bed size ] 160cm [ Occupancy ] 1 person to 3 people

Twin Type

Twin Type

Annex Twin
Functional and stylish designed room with two beds, ensure a comfortable stay.
Spend a relax and cozy time.
[ Size ] 23 m² [ Bed size ] 110cm [ Occupancy ] 1 person to 2 people

Universal Type

Universal Type

Annex Universal
This room features universal design.
Spacious and well designed room promise you a comfortable stay.
[ Size ] 29.5 m² [ Bed size ] 110cm [ Occupancy ] 1 person to 2 people

Amenities & Facilities

A bottle of water , green tea , shampoo , body soap , conditioner , soap , shower cap , towels(3 different size) , cotton swabs , shaving , toothbrush , brush , deodorant , pajamas , slippers , High speed Internet (wired and wireless), air conditioning , humidification function air cleaner , Simmons or FranceBed made bed , LCD TV , an electric kettle , refrigerator , shower toilet , hairdryer

Room information

Check in, Check out
Check-in 13:00 / Check-out 11:00 ※ depends on the accommodation plan
Over time charge
30% extra charge of the basic rate until 15:00 , 50% until 18:00, 100% over 18:00
Universal Design Room
For handicapped accessible . 29.5 square meters , 36 square meters and 42 square meters are available.
Laundry service
Please bring your laundries to front desk with a paper in your room by 10:00am. It will return within 7:00pm. Except sunday and holiday(off-duty).
Connecting room
Moderate Twin , Luxury Twin , Universal twin , luxury universal twin , there is set to excellent suite .We make the door open in the order you wish .
All rooms have Wi-Fi connection free
In all rooms by the Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) you can use the Internet connection . It is also equipped with cable for connection to the wired LAN connector . Service is free of charge.
VOD ( video -on- demand ) theater system
Is a paid broadcasting service program which you can watch whenever you want. Program is updated every month , and all titles more than 200 ( movie , TV drama , comedy , animation , porn video ) , A anyone can enjoy content . Please tell us to the front . If you want to stop viewing porn videos
[ Subscription fee ] 1 day 1000 yen [ viewing time ] 13:00 to 11:00 in the morning
Lending equipment for children
Bed guard / slippers / auxiliary toilet seat / baby cot Free ( length 120cm width 70cm) / pajamas ( Length 74cm Width 46cm)
Non-smoking room
All guest rooms are non-smoking.
Please smoke in the designated smoking room in the reception lobby on 1st floor.
Massage service
Order receives from 3:00 pm to 10:15 pm ( midnight treatment end ) .
Monday is off-duty .
Home-delivery service
Accepts for 24 hours at the first floor front . However , One particular courier service that hotel specifies . Due to the size and weight of your luggage , it may not be accepted .



Restaurant(6:30 - 14:30)
Break fast/6:30~9:30
Lunch/11:30~14:30(LO 14:00)
Dinner/16:00~22:30(Charter only)
Number of seats/80 seats
Non smoking


Chinese cuisine(11:30 - 22:30)
Lunch/11:30 - 15:00(LO 14:00)
Dinner/17:00 - 22:00(LO 21:00)
Number of seats/110 seats
Private room , Non smoking


Café&Restaurant(9:30 - 21:00)
Number of seats/70 seats
Non smoking



    Largest banquet room(710 square meters)


    Fine view sky banquet room


    Middle size banquet room

Middle size banquet room

Small size banquet rooms

Japanese-style banquet rooms


  • Florist

  • Shrine

  • Chapel

MIRAMARE Facilities

■ Multiplex "Rosa 10 East" (10 theaters incl. "Rosa 10 West") 
■ Restaurant (Japanese-style:Sushi )
■ Cafe "Starbucks coffee" 
■ Drug store ■ Pet shop 
■ Barber ■ Jewelry shop

Handicapped Accessible

Rest rooms for Ostomate available
Wheel chairs, Writing conversation machine and others


Address & Telephone

15-1 Honchiba-cho, Chuou-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba 260-0014, JAPAN Tel +81 43 222 2111 Fax +81 43 222 3510


by Train

● From Tokyo Station

● From Keisei UenoStation

● From Makuhari Messe

● From Maihama Station

by Car

● From Tokyo area and Tokyo Disney Resort

Leaving Higashi-Kanto Expressway "Wangan Narashino IC" - Driving route 357 - Turn left at the intersection "Port Arena mae" - Turn left after "Honchiba guard"

● From Kisarazu direction

Leaving Keiyo Expressway "Matsugaoka IC" - Turn left at "Prefectural road 20" - Turn right at the intersection "Nagazu 2-chome" - Turn left at the intersection "Chiba-ken jichikaikan" - Turn right before "Honchiba guard"

by Airplane

*Narita Airport Express Bus is currently suspended.

● From Haneda airport

● From Narita airport

*Narita Airport Express Bus is currently suspended.



from Tokyo Disney Resort

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